Youth Eager to Serve (Y.E.S.)

Besides special outings and activities which are scheduled through the year, the YES group also plans service projects around the church and school. All young people from 7th through 12th grade are eligible to join this group.


The Lutheran Church has often been called the singing church. St. Paul’s is no exception. We encourage all members to participate in the hymn singing during our worship services. We also have an excellent choir program for those who those who wish to use their vocal talents to enhance our worship service and lead special song services.


If you have been gifted by the Lord with a singing voice and love music, this is your opportunity to sing praises to the Lord with a group of others who love to praise the Lord in song. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings, September through May, at 7:30 pm unless otherwise announced.

Junior Choir

Using your voice to praise God in song is an outward expression of faith. St. Pauls School has a Junior Choir that consists of the Christian Day School students in grades 5-8 who wish to join this special group. Students in this choir learn more difficult music and are trained to use their voices to praise the Lord in harmony. Rehearsals are held during regular school hours.

Special Choirs

Special men’s & women’s choirs and other groups are occasionally formed to sign for worship and other festivals.

Ushers & Greeters

Have a friendly smile? Confirmed members of the congregation welcome and assist members and guests for worship services. Usher teams consist of 4 to 5 members.

Prayer Chain

What a privilege we have to bring our needs, worries, and thanksgiving to our Lord! The prayer chains gather the concerns of the congregation and bring them before our Lord throughout the week. If you would like to include the special concerns and thanks of our church family and community in your daily prayers, please reach out to Paula Herbst or Pastor to be included in the phone chain or email list each week.

Renewed and Inspired by our Savior (RIBS)

A women’s ministry group open to all ladies of the congregation, this group doesn’t have regular meetings, but does strive to do a service project each month.

St. Paul’s Education Association

All parents who have children in our Lutheran Elementary School are invited to join this group to support our school.