Daniel Marshall


Hello! I’m Dan Marshall and I’ve been pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church since 1991. My wife’s name is Sandy. We met in high school. She was a cheerleader and I played football. Flint, Michigan was home – born and raised there with three older brothers. In case you’re wondering, yes! I’m still a huge University of Michigan and Detroit Lions fan. Sandy and I have raised four sons: Ryan, Brad, Neil and Eric.

Part of our WELS pastor training includes a year off the Seminary campus learning about and getting involved in congregational life as a vicar. I served at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Baraboo, Wisconsin in 1985. Upon graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, I served at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Mason City, Iowa from 1986-1991.

My hobbies have changed over the years. For 12 years, Friday nights included watching high school football as all four of our sons played at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. For 5 years, I was able to play on the same softball team with all four sons. At one time, DIY projects were done around our house and yard with the boys. Now, the DIY projects are around their houses and yards.

Speak with Pastor when…

  • Hospitalized: Pastor always considers it a privilege to share God’s Word with you, especially when you are ill or in troubled.
  • Prayer Support: You can ask Pastor to pray for you or those you know in any situation. You are welcomed to ask Pastor to offer prayers in worship so that our entire St. Paul’s family can make you a part of their prayers to our heavenly father.
  • Birth: Let pastor know when a new family member arrives so that he can offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the mother, child, and family.
  • Baptism: Baptism is a precious way God has given us to give the gift of faith even to little babies. We encourage parents to schedule a baptism as soon as possible after the birth of a child. Our congregation has called your pastor to perform baptisms for the sake of good order, but in an emergency any Christian may baptize. If you are an adult interested in baptism, Pastor would be excited to share with you more information on the blessings of baptism. Baptism is a free gift of God.
  • Wedding: Pastor would be happy to speak with you about officiating at your wedding as well as pre-marriage counseling. This counseling is based on God’s Word and is directed towards helping engaged couples form habits that will serve them well as a Christian couple.
  • Death in the Family: It is our goal to comfort you with God’s unshakeable Word in this time of loss and change.
  • Times of Trouble: Depressed? Anxious? Struggling in your marriage or facing divorce? Fighting temptation? Grieved by sin? Seek the counsel your pastor can bring you from God’s Word. Never let your troubles continue too long. Let your pastor help you in finding answers from God’s Word and peace that only the Gospel can bring.
Donald Kolander