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Sermon on the Mount

Sermon Theme: Matthew 5:1-12 Jesus is going to teach us what it means to be one of his followers through the most famous sermon of all time. It wasn’t delivered while standing in a pulpit but rather while sitting on a hill. This Sunday we will find out why his followers will want to hang on every word as he talks about living a Christian life. An added treat this Sunday, The Wisco Brass will be at worship to enhance…

Why Jesus Went into the Water

Sermon Theme: Mark 1 Why do people go into the water? To cool off on a hot day, maybe to exercise. If it’s January 1, you might be part of the Polar Bear Club. To save someone from drowning. Why did Jesus go into the water at his baptism? He wasn’t a sinner, so he didn’t need forgiveness. Then why? Join us and find out why Jesus went into the water.

Epiphany 2

Sermon Theme: John 1:29-34 Join us at St. Paul’s this morning as we use a children’s nursery rhyme to learn why Jesus needed to be more than Mary’s Little Lamb.

The Festival of Christmas

It’s safe to say, no season of the Christian church year is greeted with greater anticipation than the Christmas season. For Christians, this joy always centers on Jesus Christ. Nothing brings Christians together quite like singing Carols and listening to Lessons. This morning we’ll share that special closeness as we sing the joy of this happy season! May your worship today make this a blessed and Merry Christmas!

St. Paul’s Lutheran School Christmas Eve Program

Our St. Paul’s Family welcomes you to this birthday celebration. Jesus Christ, the precious Child was born for you. He came to be your Savior. May the message and the music of Jesus’ birth, as shared by St. Paul’s Lutheran School Students, comfort and joy during this Christmas Season. May his peace, forgiveness and love guide you in the New Year.

Come, Lord Jesus…as Savior. (Sunday School Christmas Program)

Sermon Theme: Matthew 1:18-25 What goes into naming a child? Sometimes, parents connect it to a family member? Sometimes, it’s a Biblical name. And sometimes, it’s just a name they can both agree on. Neither Joseph nor Mary had to pick a name for their child. God had already given them the name for their baby boy through an angel’s visit to each of them. Join us this Sunday at St. Paul’s. The children of our Sunday School have a…