Sermons on 1 Thessalonians

What Will You Get Jesus this Christmas?

By now, you are knee-deep in Christmas shopping. Have you been able to find the right gift? You didn’t forget anyone, did you? You remembered everyone on your list, right? Are you sure? How about Jesus? Did you include Jesus? You don’t want to forget him. It’s his birthday. So, what will you get Jesus this Christmas? Join us and discover what’s on the Lord’s list of what he wants for Christmas. And, we’ll also discover what he wants to…

Saints Triumphant

Any discussion about death is always difficult. Funerals sting. God had that person play an important role in our lives. If we didn’t grieve, then something’s wrong. But this weekend, the Apostle Paul says: “There is something different about our grieving as Christians.” What is different? Join us and find out what the difference-maker in the grieving process is.