Sermons on 2 Kings

Hearthbreaking to Breathtaking

Sermon Text: 2 Kings 4 “They fell asleep in Jesus.” That’s a way a Christian’s death is often described. That upsets some people because they claim that’s only a way to avoid death, or sugar-coat it. In our lesson this weekend, God intends to show us that when a believer faces death it is just like sleep. Those who die in Jesus will wake up to something breathtaking.

A Scary Situation

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. Sermon Text: 2 Kings 22 What if a congregation hadn’t used a Bible in so long, they didn’t even have one laying around? What if a pastor and the church leaders didn’t know why they were doing what a church does every week? What if church members had gone without hearing the Word of God for so long, they didn’t even realize something was missing? Sounds strange, doesn’t it? This Sunday, join…