Sermons on Exodus

From Lamb to Lamb (Upper Room)

To watch a recording, please visit our Facebook page. Feb. 17 (Ash Wednesday Communion) – From Lamb to Lamb (Upper Room) Lesson: Exodus 12

I Wonder – God Protects Us (4th of July)

Click save above to download a pdf of this sermon. You can also watch on our Facebook page. The 10 plagues unleashed on Pharaoh and the Egyptians were God’s response to Pharaoh saying, “No!” to God’s command, “Let my people go!”  This weekend’s worship is going to center on the 10th and final plague, also called “The Plague of the Firstborn.”  The loud wailing wasn’t heard in every home in Egypt.  What would cause the destroyer to enter one house, while making sure to  “pass over” another? Sermon…

We Fear God

Exodus 19 Have you ever met God? Have you had a chance to sit down and talk to him face-to-face? Has the Almighty ever appeared to you in all his glory and splendor? In this weekend’s lesson, the Children of Israel meet God at Mt. Sinai, and God comes to them, and boy does he ever come. He comes in an unmistakable demonstration of power never before witnessed by any human. Moses does his best to describe the sights and…