Sermons on Genesis

I Wonder – God Made Us: God Creates the World

Click save above to download a pdf of this sermon. You can also watch on our Facebook page. Do you have a favorite Bible story?  Maybe you have several.  This summer we are going to be using 13 Bible stories – some Old Testament and some New Testament to answer questions about God.  This weekend, we start “I Wonder About God.“  This weekend’s question is “Where did God come from?”  Our Bible story is the first one many of us learned in Sunday school, the Creation,…

Facets of Faith

Sermon Text: Genesis 12:1-8 What’s the most precious thing you have?  Your smart phone?  Your wedding ring? Your house?  While those things seem valuable now, they won’t last forever.  So, then what is the most precious thing you have?  How about your faith in Jesus?  Faith is the only thing that guarantees you’ll have an amazing eternity in heaven with Jesus.  Nothing, absolutely nothing else can do that. Since faith is such a precious commodity, our worship (message and music) will exam…

Joseph: The Hero Who Ran Away

Genesis 39:6-23 You should know, not all heroes stick around to take on the bad guys. In today’s OT lesson we meet someone who’s a hero for running away. Let’s find out why we, as Christians, will want to be less like the Avengers and more like “Joseph: The Hero Who Ran Away.”