Sermons on Genesis

Do you like mysteries?

Mysteries? Do you like mysteries? The appeal of a mystery is that it’s just that, a mystery. But if that mystery happens to be something you’ve read in God’s Word, well, that’s different. You would expect your pastor to explain and help you understand the mysteries from God’s Word. Our prayer is that after hearing our message, you’ll appreciate God and a couple of mysteries even more.

Games with God

Games have been around a long time. Before the time of Abraham the Egyptians enjoyed bowling. Checkers was played 2,000 years before the time of Christ. Chess was played 500 years after the time of Christ. Cards have been played for over 1,000 years. But the oldest games of all were first played in the Garden of Eden. It was recorded in today’s lesson from Genesis and deserves our full attention. Let me ask you: “Are You Playing Games with…

Four Facts About Faith

Sermon Text: Genesis 12 Why would God ask Abram to leave his home, leave his country and leave his family he grew up with? Why would God ask Abram at the age of 75 years old, which is when most people have settled into retirement, to move and start a family? Why is this important for us?

A Wrestling Match

Sermon Text: Genesis 32:22-30 This Sunday’s lesson gives us a front row seat for a wrestling match between Jacob and God. You’d think the match would be over quickly, but surprisingly, they struggle through the night. Join us at 9:30 am for worship at St. Paul’s, and we’ll uncover four ways Jacob and we can ultimately be winners, even though he did lose the match.

Ordinary Joe

Sermon Text: Genesis 39 “Coat of many colors!” That’s the first response people give when the name of the Old Testament hero of faith, Joseph, is mentioned. This week at St. Paul’s VBS, Joseph was the main character in each day’s Bible lesson. And we learned there’s so much more to Joseph than a colorful coat. Join us Sunday at 9:30 am for worship and in addition to learning more about our God through Joseph, we’ll get to hear the…

The Joseph Principle

Sermon Text: Genesis 45:3-8,15 “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” The words flow so easily as we pray the prayer Jesus taught us. Maybe they shouldn’t. Do we realize what we’ve been praying for all these times? Lord make ME as forgiving to others as YOU have been to me. That’s a tall, tall order. How have we been doing with that? This week an Old Testament Bible story teaches that important, yet challenging…

Super Glue for Marriage

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. The excitement of young married couples is contagious. They speak in such glowing terms about each other. “How could I not love her silly little giggle?” “Picking up after him won’t be a problem for me!” Unfortunately, that only continues for half of the couples in our country with a divorce rate of 50%. What happened? It starts small, but over time it grows into conflict. Every marriage experiences it. Where there…

Mixed-Up Mess

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. No one can question that we have a God who likes order. There was an orderly way he went about his work of creation in those six days. There was an orderly way he went about carrying his master plan of salvation. In fact, he even tells us in his Word “that everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way” (1 Cor. 14:40). That’s what makes the first Bible Story…