Sermons on Hebrews

Not All the Blood of Beasts

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. “Not all the blood of beasts on Jewish altars slain, could give the guilty conscience peace, or wash away the stain.” We sing those words in a hymn almost every Lenten season. Hmm? If the blood of all those lambs sacrificed over all those Old Testament years couldn’t take sin away, what good were they? God had his purpose: 1) To remind the people that sin is horrible and costly. Blood needs…

The Road to Salvation: 33 Years of Submission and Suffering

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. We’re not quite there. Palm Sunday which begins Holy Week is only a week away, but that’s not when Jesus showed up on this earth. He didn’t gather up all of our sins on Palm Sunday, unload them on Good Friday, and assure us that we are forgiven on Easter Sunday. His work as our Savior required all 33 years of his life. Keeping God’s will perfectly for all 33 years. Suffering…

Welcome Home!

Sermon Text: Hebrews 2:9-18 Jesus picks us, the goofy, good-for-nothing sinners we are to be his family – his brothers and sisters! He didn’t have to. Never underestimate that the one who laid the earth’s foundations, is worshipped by angels and has a forever throne considers himself your brother. You are his family.