Sermons on Jeremiah

His Word is in my Heart like a Fire

Every day thirteen Christians worldwide are killed because of their faith. Another twelve are arrested or imprisoned simply because they profess faith in Christ Jesus. In the U.S. we have freedom of religion enshrined as a constitutional right, but that is no guarantee for a life free of persecution. Until Judgment Day, some will attempt to shut down the truth of Christ. We will be persecuted. That won’t stop us. Christ never promised his Church that ministry would operate unopposed.…

The Weeper

Sermon Text: Jeremiah 23 Would you care if people called you the “Weeper”? Nobody wants to be known either for being sad or bringing news that makes people sad. But that’s who we are going to be hearing from at St. Paul’s this Sunday. Old Testament Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet. Besides the book of Jeremiah, he wrote a second Old Testament book, Lamentations – which is a sad song. What could God possibly want or how could…

The Target

Sermon Text: Jeremiah 26:8-15 What do you know about Jeremiah, God’s Old Testament prophet? His nickname was the “weeping” prophet. Besides the Book of Jeremiah, he also wrote Lamentations (a sad song). Jeremiah also did something that made his fellow clergy and all the people seize him at the Temple and yell, “You must die!”