Sermons by Daniel Marshall

Wake up!

It can be annoying when your phone or computer goes into sleep mode. But it is downright dangerous when you spiritually go into sleep mode. Amos, an Old Testament prophet, has plenty to say about spiritual napping. If you’re not familiar with Amos, you’ll want to hear what he, as God’s representative, has to say.

Dual Citizenship

Fireworks! Picnic! Parade! Backyard gathering! Family and friends! A day off work! Hope you had an opportunity to enjoy a Fourth of July celebration yesterday. Most Americans seem to have plenty to complain about when it comes to this country. That’s why the Fourth of July is a special time to pause, identify and appreciate the blessings we experience each day as citizens of this country. Christians have an even bigger reason to appreciate the blessings we will experience one…


People find their value and worth in any number of places. They can find it in their financial status, their brain or muscle power, their level of education, their looks, their popularity, their musical or athletic skills and there are plenty more options. This Sunday at St. Paul’s, Jeremiah, God’s Old Testament prophet, will tell us about real value and true worth, and where it can be found. Hint: It isn’t based on how we see ourselves, or the opinions…

“We’re Children of our Fathers”

On Father’s Day we celebrate dads! It refreshes memory banks of growing up and times spent with dad. It also reminds dads of times spent with their kids. While those times change over the years, there’s another “Father” we’ll spend time thanking that he doesn’t change. He’s consistent in his grace whether that was yesterday, is today or will be tomorrow. Join us at 9:30 am on Father’s Day as we celebrate the blessing of earthly fathers and our heavenly…

Check Engine

Some people consider the Bible to be a somewhat boring book. There doesn’t seem to be much excitement. Maybe you know someone like that. Maybe that thought has crossed your mind a time or two. Even if it hasn’t, we still want you to join us at St. Paul’s this Sunday at 9:30 am for worship. Our lesson from Revelation is anything but boring. It involves multiple thrones, an angel carrying a large chain and a dragon, just to name…

What a difference the Spirit makes!

Everybody knows that Christmas (the Father sending his Son) and Easter (the Son rising from the dead) are big-time Christian Church celebrations. What many do not know is that Pentecost (the Holy Spirit’s presence) should be right up there with the other two. Pentecost celebrates the work of the Holy Spirit. Join us so we can be reminded that the Holy Spirit makes a difference! Why is God the Holy Spirit the difference-maker? Celebrate with us and discover how.

Mother’s Day 2024

Have you noticed that it seems more and more people of all ages are getting tattoos? Some of them are more subtle and hidden, while others are big, bold and visible. This Mother’s Day weekend we are going to talk about tattoos. What’s the connection between Mother’s Day and tattoos?