Sermons by Daniel Marshall

Living Water

Sermon Text: John 4 Water is vital for our physical well-being. A person can’t survive long without it. “Living Water” is something Jesus talked about in our lesson this weekend. A soul can’t survive long with it, either. Join us so you can hydrate your soul on Jesus’ “Living Water.”

Four Facts About Faith

Sermon Text: Genesis 12 Why would God ask Abram to leave his home, leave his country and leave his family he grew up with? Why would God ask Abram at the age of 75 years old, which is when most people have settled into retirement, to move and start a family? Why is this important for us?

A Spectacular Event

Sermon Text: 2 Peter 1:16-21 What events in your lifetime have left such an impression on you that you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news? Neil Armstrong’s “small step and giant leap” on the moon? The Twin Towers on 9/11? Maybe it was the birth of a child, or making the winning shot? Join us at St. Paul’s this Sunday at 9:30 am to find out what happened to three…

How to Destroy your Enemies

Sermon Text: Matthew 5:43-48 In this week’s section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, he’s teaching us to do something that sounds absurd – “Love your enemies.” Here’s a suggestion. Start small, pick an enemy … maybe someone whose values are different than yours … maybe someone whose done you wrong. Now think about ways to destroy them … with kindness and consideration. Join us as we explain how “Destroying Your Enemies” is a good and God-pleasing thing to do.

How much salt do you need?

Sermon Theme: Matthew 5:13 Studies by medical researchers have shown that large amounts of salt in your diet can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems. This has made many either reduce, or even eliminate salt from their diets. If that is true, then what exactly was Jesus getting at when he says to his disciples when he says to us: “You are the salt of the earth”? Watch us Live:

Why Jesus Went into the Water

Sermon Theme: Mark 1 Why do people go into the water? To cool off on a hot day, maybe to exercise. If it’s January 1, you might be part of the Polar Bear Club. To save someone from drowning. Why did Jesus go into the water at his baptism? He wasn’t a sinner, so he didn’t need forgiveness. Then why? Join us and find out why Jesus went into the water.

Come, Lord Jesus…as Savior. (Sunday School Christmas Program)

Sermon Theme: Matthew 1:18-25 What goes into naming a child? Sometimes, parents connect it to a family member? Sometimes, it’s a Biblical name. And sometimes, it’s just a name they can both agree on. Neither Joseph nor Mary had to pick a name for their child. God had already given them the name for their baby boy through an angel’s visit to each of them. Join us this Sunday at St. Paul’s. The children of our Sunday School have a…