Sermons by Daniel Marshall (Page 3)

A Man After God’s Own Heart?

The Bible tells it like it is.  It tells us about the great things that heroes of faith have done.  It also tells us about the not so great things they’ve done.  Noah got drunk.  Jacob cheated his brother.  Peter denied his Lord.  Some heroes, right? And then we have David, whom God called: “A man after God’s own heart.”  Along with the good, the Bible gives us the bad and the ugly.  Join us this weekend for worship as David’s sins will both shock us and make us wonder … “David: A Man After…

As For Me and My House…

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl ended the NFL season until training camps open in August.  Spring Training in Arizona and Florida for Major League Baseball teams begins next week.  Are you a die-hard Brewer fan or just a fair-weather fan?  Fair-weather fans don’t always support their team and that drives die-hard fans crazy, who support their team even through tough times. According to this weekend’s lesson from Joshua 24, there’s such a thing as a fair-weather fan when it comes to religion.  For the…

God Love the World

Christmas Day John 3:16 On Christmas Day we celebrate a birth 2,000 years ago that promises a life that has endless years. All because God so loved the world, because God so loved you

Can You See The Manager?

Christmas Eve The manger was God’s way of saying three things: One – God loves us. Two – God is with us. Three -God offers us forgiveness and eternal life.
purple candle

The Angel Candle

Our final candle on the Advent wreath is the Angels’ Candle.  We aren’t going to investigate each of those 300+ references, but we’ll get a really good picture of what angels do.
purple candle

The Bethlehem Candle

Micah 5:2 The second candle on our Advent Wreath reminds us of an O, so little town.  Little in size, but huge when it comes to our salvation history. It’s the prophet Micah who reports this town as God the Father’s selection as the birthplace of his Son, even though that wouldn’t take place for another 700 years: “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who…

Candle of Prophecy

Advent 1 Isaiah 9:2-7 Today the Prophecy Candle was lit. The prophets were God’s OT writers and readers of the Word. God used the prophets to give constant information about the coming Savior. One of the most famous OT prophets was Isaiah.