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Is Christianity Correct?

Click save above to download a pdf of this sermon. For a copy of the worship service bulletin, click here. You can also watch on our Facebook page. Has anyone ever asked you: “How do you know Christianity is correct?” Have you wondered about it yourself? It’s a really good question to ask, but more important is your ability to answer. Sermon Text: John 11:38-45

This is Why You’re a Christian

Luke 16:19-31 Being a Christian is hard. Rich people run for political office. Pampered athletes complain about their working conditions. Self-important celebrities get all the attention. All this while we slave away day after day. In a world of religious toleration, it seems the only faith that can’t be tolerated is the Christian faith. Since it is hard being a Christian, it’s good for us, from time to time, to get an encouraging reminder of why we’re Christians. This weekend,…