Sermons on Holiday

Christmas Song Service 2023

As the shepherds marveled at the angels’ message, we listen in amazement as we hear the words of the first Christmas read from the pages of scripture. As the angels broke out in jubilant song, so we too keep up the refrain of glorious praise. And as Mary contemplated what it all meant, we ponder with awe the amazing message of Immanuel – God with us. Join us this morning for our celebration of Christmas as we join in a…

Love Came Down

Jesus brings us hope, joy, love, and peace at Christmas.

Do you like mysteries?

Mysteries? Do you like mysteries? The appeal of a mystery is that it’s just that, a mystery. But if that mystery happens to be something you’ve read in God’s Word, well, that’s different. You would expect your pastor to explain and help you understand the mysteries from God’s Word. Our prayer is that after hearing our message, you’ll appreciate God and a couple of mysteries even more.

Like Father, Like Son

We all know how we became children of our earthly fathers. We have a birth certificate. The Apostle John reminds us how we became children of our heavenly Father. It was through the blood of the Father’s Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. We have a baptismal certificate. John, known as the “Apostle of love,” also reminds us that as God’s children, we live a life that shows love for God and love for each other.