Sermons on Holiday

“We’re Children of our Fathers”

On Father’s Day we celebrate dads! It refreshes memory banks of growing up and times spent with dad. It also reminds dads of times spent with their kids. While those times change over the years, there’s another “Father” we’ll spend time thanking that he doesn’t change. He’s consistent in his grace whether that was yesterday, is today or will be tomorrow. Join us at 9:30 am on Father’s Day as we celebrate the blessing of earthly fathers and our heavenly…

Mother’s Day 2024

Have you noticed that it seems more and more people of all ages are getting tattoos? Some of them are more subtle and hidden, while others are big, bold and visible. This Mother’s Day weekend we are going to talk about tattoos. What’s the connection between Mother’s Day and tattoos?

Easter is our Feast of Firstfruits

Many in our world deny or are skeptical that Jesus rose from the dead. Which of course is the whole point of Christianity and Easter. The Apostle Paul says Jesus’ resurrection is undeniable and indisputable because of all the eyewitnesses! But then he takes it a step farther and says Jesus is the “firstfruits” of those who have fallen asleep. Join us at St. Paul’s on Easter Sunday and find out what Paul’s “firstfruits” comment means, and why that news…