Sermons on Living our Faith

Confirmation 2023

White gowns. Red carnations. Memory verses. Vows and promises. Nervous teenagers. It’s Confirmation Sunday at St. Paul’s. A time for young Christians to share their faith, promise their faithfulness to Jesus and receive the Lord’s Supper to strengthen their faith. Confirmation made some of us excited and others nervous wrecks. Perhaps those memories come back each year about this time for you. It’s also an annual check-up to see how we’re doing with our promise: “I do, and I ask…


Sermon Text: I hope the weather improves and warms up. I hope my boss gives me a raise. I hope I won’t get sick. We can hope all we want, but there is uncertainty in those statements, isn’t there? This Sunday, Jesus talks to us about a hope that is completely different. His hope is certain and guaranteed. That’s because his hope has its source in his resurrection. The living Lord gives hope. Jesus gives you hope. We need it…

How to Destroy your Enemies

Sermon Text: Matthew 5:43-48 In this week’s section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, he’s teaching us to do something that sounds absurd – “Love your enemies.” Here’s a suggestion. Start small, pick an enemy … maybe someone whose values are different than yours … maybe someone whose done you wrong. Now think about ways to destroy them … with kindness and consideration. Join us as we explain how “Destroying Your Enemies” is a good and God-pleasing thing to do.

How much salt do you need?

Sermon Theme: Matthew 5:13 Studies by medical researchers have shown that large amounts of salt in your diet can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems. This has made many either reduce, or even eliminate salt from their diets. If that is true, then what exactly was Jesus getting at when he says to his disciples when he says to us: “You are the salt of the earth”? Watch us Live:

A Wrestling Match

Sermon Text: Genesis 32:22-30 This Sunday’s lesson gives us a front row seat for a wrestling match between Jacob and God. You’d think the match would be over quickly, but surprisingly, they struggle through the night. Join us at 9:30 am for worship at St. Paul’s, and we’ll uncover four ways Jacob and we can ultimately be winners, even though he did lose the match.

A Lesson on Thanksfulness

Sermon Text: Luke 17:11-19 Where have all the thankful people gone? Based on this Sunday’s Bible story, only 10% of people remember to say “Thank You.” “Thank You” is simple, yet powerful when spoken or written. Join us as we find an antidote for thanklessness and a way to rediscover a lost attitude of gratitude. We’ll even get a head start on Thanksgiving, with some hymns of thanks and praise!


Sermon Text: Psalm 127 Family! The topic of “Family” brings with it all kinds of interesting comments. They are a target for jokes. They are a collection of goofballs. They are irreplaceable. Are they in-laws, or out-laws? We can’t imagine life without them. “Family” is all of the above, and more. This Sunday’s worship theme as we celebrate Christian Education is simply “Family!” We’ll talk about how “Family” can mean three different things. Each is a blessing from God.

God’s Favorites Have No Favorites

Sermon Text: James 2:1-13 Favorites! Everyone has favorites – color, restaurant and Kopp’s flavor. How about a favorite child or grandchild or person who steps in our church doors? No! We’re not supposed to play favorites when it comes to family, or church-goers, but do we? This Sunday’s message from the Apostle James is a warning about playing favorites. Find out what else God’s Word has to say about playing favorites. In addition, we’ll share some ways we can do…