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My Baptism Still Matters

For many, their baptism took place before they were old enough to remember. Does something like a person’s baptism that happened 15, 40, even 80 years ago still matter? Many would say, “No.” This Sunday, as St. Paul’s celebrates Christian education for all ages, many may be surprised to find out that “Yes, My Baptism Still Matters.”

“I don’t get anything out of worship.”

This Sunday Isaiah invites you to: “Seek the LORD while he may be found.”  God must have something very special in store for you if he wants you to make sure you seek him out.  He does!  What he wants more than anything else is for you to spend an eternity of pleasure and perfection with him in heaven.  The reason you need to connect with (or stay connected to) the LORD is that he’s the only one who can…


Sermon Text: I hope the weather improves and warms up. I hope my boss gives me a raise. I hope I won’t get sick. We can hope all we want, but there is uncertainty in those statements, isn’t there? This Sunday, Jesus talks to us about a hope that is completely different. His hope is certain and guaranteed. That’s because his hope has its source in his resurrection. The living Lord gives hope. Jesus gives you hope. We need it…

A Message from Our Good Shepherd

Sermon Text: John 10 How come the picture God paints in the Bible of the shepherd – sheep relationship is so comforting and relaxing? Very few people are even familiar with the occupation of looking after sheep. Why do we love it so much? Why is it so special? St. Paul’s invites you to join us for worship at 9:30 am this Sunday. We’ll get to the bottom of why that picture provides so much security, safety and strength.


Sermon Text: John 20:19-31 What’s the first word that comes to mind when hearing the Bible name Thomas? Probably “doubter,” or “doubting.” 100% of the time, right? That’s unfortunate! Because of that one event on Easter evening, Thomas gets labeled for life. The Gospel for the Sunday after Easter is traditionally Jesus’ encounters with his disciples in the upper room one week apart. This Sunday, after hearing another side to Thomas, you probably won’t completely change your mind about Thomas,…

An Extraordinary King

Sermon Text: Luke 19:28-40 No wonder this week is called “holy.” Holy means “set apart or special.” Something special is happening this week, and it starts with Palm Sunday. Jesus parades into Jerusalem, his enemy’s backyard, and receives a royal welcome. Why is he riding a donkey? Why are they waving palms and tossing them on the road? What does their shouts of “Hosanna” mean? You’ll get answers and more when you join us as Holy Week begins Image by…

Hearthbreaking to Breathtaking

Sermon Text: 2 Kings 4 “They fell asleep in Jesus.” That’s a way a Christian’s death is often described. That upsets some people because they claim that’s only a way to avoid death, or sugar-coat it. In our lesson this weekend, God intends to show us that when a believer faces death it is just like sleep. Those who die in Jesus will wake up to something breathtaking.

Four Facts About Faith

Sermon Text: Genesis 12 Why would God ask Abram to leave his home, leave his country and leave his family he grew up with? Why would God ask Abram at the age of 75 years old, which is when most people have settled into retirement, to move and start a family? Why is this important for us?