Sermons on Saved


3:16 … You see 3:16 on the eye-black athletes put under their eyes to keep the sun out of their eyes. You see 3:16 between the uprights of an end zone shot of a football game. You see 3:16 on the white T-shirt of the rainbow warrior at athletic events. What is 3:16? What does it mean? What is the message? We’ll explain at St. Paul’s this Sunday.

A Glimpse Into the Heart

An ambassador is someone who represents others. Our country has an ambassador to the United Nations along with many countries around the world. It is an honor and a privilege to represent the United States. Every Christian has an even greater honor and privilege than representing their country. Christians are ambassadors for Jesus and represent him in their daily lives! How are you doing as an ambassador for Jesus this week? Join us as a “reluctant” ambassador teaches us all…

Saints Triumphant

Any discussion about death is always difficult. Funerals sting. God had that person play an important role in our lives. If we didn’t grieve, then something’s wrong. But this weekend, the Apostle Paul says: “There is something different about our grieving as Christians.” What is different? Join us and find out what the difference-maker in the grieving process is.

Face to Face

Have you ever met someone famous in person? It’s completely different when you’re up close and personal, rather than seeing them on the TV. We might imagine what it’s going to be like to meet God on Judgment Day, but we can’t wrap our minds around that one. That’s why God draws a picture of himself in this Sunday’s Old Testament lesson from Daniel. Join us as we find out what God wants us to know and what Daniel saw.…

No One Is Left Out

On October 31, 1517, a well-educated, ordained Catholic priest who was a professor of Biblical studies at UW (University of Wittenberg) challenged all comers to a debate. The debate focused on the central teaching of Scripture: “Are we saved by what we do?” Or, “Are we save by faith in what Jesus Christ did for us?” Join us to find the life-changing and soul-saving answer.

Best Banquet Ever

Would anyone turn down tickets to the Super Bowl? Of course not! If someone was invited to dinner with the one person in the world they’ve always dreamed of meeting, would they RSVP “yes”? Absolutely! If that’s true about a couple of earthly short-term venues, then why would anyone reject God’s invitation to his heavenly banquet that lasts for an eternity? Join us because this week Jesus teaches us how crazy it is to reject this gracious invitation from God,…

Real Patience

Do you see yourself as a patient person? Would others agree with you? Patience is a virtue that is in short supply. Maybe that’s why the Bible so often encourages patience. In the great “Love” chapter, 1 Corinthians 13, love “needs to express itself” in patience. In the “fruits of the Spirit” chapter, Galatians 5, patience is identified as something that “needs to be” evident in the life of the Christian. Join us as we look at the level at…

My Baptism Still Matters

For many, their baptism took place before they were old enough to remember. Does something like a person’s baptism that happened 15, 40, even 80 years ago still matter? Many would say, “No.” This Sunday, as St. Paul’s celebrates Christian education for all ages, many may be surprised to find out that “Yes, My Baptism Still Matters.”