Sermons on Faith

Saints Triumphant

Any discussion about death is always difficult. Funerals sting. God had that person play an important role in our lives. If we didn’t grieve, then something’s wrong. But this weekend, the Apostle Paul says: “There is something different about our grieving as Christians.” What is different? Join us and find out what the difference-maker in the grieving process is.


Sermon Text: John 20:19-31 What’s the first word that comes to mind when hearing the Bible name Thomas? Probably “doubter,” or “doubting.” 100% of the time, right? That’s unfortunate! Because of that one event on Easter evening, Thomas gets labeled for life. The Gospel for the Sunday after Easter is traditionally Jesus’ encounters with his disciples in the upper room one week apart. This Sunday, after hearing another side to Thomas, you probably won’t completely change your mind about Thomas,…

Four Facts About Faith

Sermon Text: Genesis 12 Why would God ask Abram to leave his home, leave his country and leave his family he grew up with? Why would God ask Abram at the age of 75 years old, which is when most people have settled into retirement, to move and start a family? Why is this important for us?

Trust vs Worry

Sermon Text: Luke 12:32-40 Trust and worry are polar opposites. Whichever gains the upper hand in this daily battle, squashes the other one in the dust. Jesus wants us to stop worrying. Since it’s hard not to worry, that’s easier said than done. But this Sunday, Jesus gives us hope in our daily battle to trust more and worry less. In fact, he gives us his promise of eliminating worry.

Strength in our Struggles

Sermon Text: 2 Corinthians 11:21-30 A fair-weather fan is one who only follows a team when their team is winning. When their team struggles, the fan gives up on them. A fair-weather follower is one who only follows Christ when things are running smoothly. But when life becomes a struggle, it’s an excuse to give up on Jesus. “Strength for Our Struggles” is our worship theme this Sunday. It’s also what the Apostle Paul found in the epistles God inspired…


Young Christians wearing white gowns with red stoles and a red carnation! It must be Confirmation Sunday at St. Paul’s! This Sunday, nine young Christians will answer questions on what they’ve learned from God’s Word. They’ll promise their love and loyalty to their Lord. And, they’ll receive the Lord’s Supper for the forgiveness of their sins and the strengthening of the faith they’re professing. What an exciting time for them and for God’s people. Celebrate this milestone in their young…

Church Dress Code

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. Sermon Text Ephesians 6:10-18 Is there a dress code in the Bible that tells us what we, as Christians, should wear? It might surprise you, but there is. In fact, our lesson, from Ephesians this week at St. Paul’s, speaks about what we need to wear from head to toe. It’s not running shoes, cleats, baseball hat, jeans or t-shirt. It’s not a dress or suit, either. We’ve never thought of the…


You can also watch on our Vimeo page. We’re sorry, but we do not have a bulletin available for this weekend’s sermon. Hungry? Famished? Today’s lesson is hard…but it will feed you eternally! Join us to learn more as we take a bite out of this “hard teaching.”