Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Daniel slept through the night because he knew God was there with him. We can sleep through the night knowing God is right there with us. We never have to be afraid to lean on God, or stand up for God.

First Things First

Matthew 6:33 Parents: First Things First, so you remember to keep your kids in God’s Word. Graduates: First Things First, so you remember to keep yourself in God’s Word.

A Lesson in Faith

John 4:46-54 1. Faith Hears the Good News and Trusts 2. Faith Perseveres Even When It Seems Like God Isn’t Listening 3. Faith Takes Jesus at His Word 4. Faith Receives What is Promised 5. Faith is Strengthened and Shared with Each Promise Fulfilled

We Live By Faith

If God is such a good and loving God … WHY does he allow evil in this world? If God is so wonderful and kind … WHY does he allow a Christian teenager to suffer through the cancer treatments and then take her from her family and this world? If God is so powerful … WHY didn’t he stop Hurricane Florence before it caused some to die and many to lose everything? People want a place without pain and suffering…