Sermons on God Reveals Himself

A Spectacular Event

Sermon Text: 2 Peter 1:16-21 What events in your lifetime have left such an impression on you that you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news? Neil Armstrong’s “small step and giant leap” on the moon? The Twin Towers on 9/11? Maybe it was the birth of a child, or making the winning shot? Join us at St. Paul’s this Sunday at 9:30 am to find out what happened to three…

Why Jesus Went into the Water

Sermon Theme: Mark 1 Why do people go into the water? To cool off on a hot day, maybe to exercise. If it’s January 1, you might be part of the Polar Bear Club. To save someone from drowning. Why did Jesus go into the water at his baptism? He wasn’t a sinner, so he didn’t need forgiveness. Then why? Join us and find out why Jesus went into the water.

The Crucified King

Sermon Theme: Luke 23:35-43 Kings wear crowns to indicate their power and because they hold the highest office in a nation’s government. That’s why crowns are made from precious metals, inlaid with precious gems. Crowns signify royalty and power. If that’s the case, then what does that say for a King who wears a crown of thorns? As we celebrate “Christ the King” on this last Sunday of the Church year, join us at St. Paul’s and discover what a…


Sermon Theme: Habakkuk 1 and 2 Why? From an early age we are programmed to ask the question “Why”? For a child growing up, giving them answers isn’t too difficult. But as we get older the degree of difficulty increases, especially when we bring God into our question, and wonder why he does what he does, or allows what he allows. This Sunday’s lesson from Habakkuk has the prophet questioning God. And, to be honest, we have plenty for God…

Divine Math

Sermon Text: Isaiah 6:1-8 How can 3 be 1, or 1 be 3? Let’s call it divine math! And no matter how awesome your math skills are, the Bible’s teaching of the Trinity is beyond our limited human understanding. One God, yet three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is a mystery intended to comfort the believer.

First Words

The first words are often memorable. Parents remember the first words their child spoke. What were the first words when Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon? Because Jesus defeated our arch-enemies of sin, Satan and death we actively participate in Christ’s triumph. Easter is more than a day. It is seven triumphant weeks of joy. That’s why it is vital to our spiritual health to remember the first words Jesus spoke after he rose.

Who Am I?

Sermon Text: Exodus 3:1-15 “Moses and the Burning Bush” is a rather bizarre Bible Story.  It’s about a bush that burns, but doesn’t burn up.  And, it’s about a bush that speaks. Join us this Sunday at St. Paul’s as we learn some important truths about the Lord’s name and ourselves from Moses’ encounter with the Burning Bush. Photo Courtesy Brett Jordan; Some Rights Reserved;

Go Big or Go Home

Sermon Text: Luke 4:1-13 It was a custom known as “battle by champion.” Two opposing armies would send out their best warrior to fight each other. We’ve reserved your ringside seat for the ultimate “battle by champion.” In one corner the demons have their champion … Satan, the enemy of both God and humans. In the other corner is humanity’s only hope … Jesus Christ. He is both God and human. Both trying to derail each other’s master plan. It’s…