Sermons from April 2021

Easter 4 Worship

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. It’s not always obvious, but there are some heavily-armed men and women in suits who watch, guard and protect the President of the United States. Those protectors of presidents are the United States Secret Service. Wherever the president goes, the Secret Service goes. Would you like to be closely protected like that? God has his own Secret Service who watches you, guards you and protects you. But it’s not always obvious that…

I am Jesus’ Little Lamb

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. The shepherd and his care for his sheep is one of the most beautiful and comforting images in the entire Bible. It pictures Jesus, the Good Shepherd, taking care of us, his lambs and sheep. Psalm 23, the Good Shepherd Psalm, is a favorite for many, many Christians. This is pretty amazing, considering that most of us aren’t familiar with raising and looking after sheep. Why is it that we love this…

What if?

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. Have you ever found yourself asking yourself “What if?”  What if I had grown up in a different city or state?  What if I had pursued a different major in college, or career path in life?  What if I had made that move to a different house or neighborhood when I had the opportunity?  This Sunday the Apostle Paul poses a “What if” question in our lesson from his great resurrection chapter:…

Easter Sunrise

You can also watch on our Vimeo page. Join the Marys as we look with wonder on the empty tomb and praise God for his amazing rescue plan.

Good Friday

You can also watch on our Vimeo page.