Sermons from April 2022

First Words

The first words are often memorable. Parents remember the first words their child spoke. What were the first words when Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon? Because Jesus defeated our arch-enemies of sin, Satan and death we actively participate in Christ’s triumph. Easter is more than a day. It is seven triumphant weeks of joy. That’s why it is vital to our spiritual health to remember the first words Jesus spoke after he rose.

Hands of Praise

Sermon Text: Mark 11:1-11 The words and actions of Jesus when he walked this earth are significant. Palm Sunday was a significant day, a celebration day in the life and ministry of Jesus. His full identity as Savior, both true God and true man, begins to be revealed.

I Want to Know

Sermon Text: Philippians 3 When we want to learn things we can either “Google” it, or pull up a YouTube Video. Back in the Apostle Paul’s day the internet wasn’t quite what it is today. So if Paul wanted to know something had to either listen or experience it. This Sunday, he invites us say, “I Want to Know Christ,” right along with him so we never ever forget where our salvation comes from.