Sermons from August 2022

God’s Favorites Have No Favorites

Sermon Text: James 2:1-13 Favorites! Everyone has favorites – color, restaurant and Kopp’s flavor. How about a favorite child or grandchild or person who steps in our church doors? No! We’re not supposed to play favorites when it comes to family, or church-goers, but do we? This Sunday’s message from the Apostle James is a warning about playing favorites. Find out what else God’s Word has to say about playing favorites. In addition, we’ll share some ways we can do…

The Weeper

Sermon Text: Jeremiah 23 Would you care if people called you the “Weeper”? Nobody wants to be known either for being sad or bringing news that makes people sad. But that’s who we are going to be hearing from at St. Paul’s this Sunday. Old Testament Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet. Besides the book of Jeremiah, he wrote a second Old Testament book, Lamentations – which is a sad song. What could God possibly want or how could…

Trust vs Worry

Sermon Text: Luke 12:32-40 Trust and worry are polar opposites. Whichever gains the upper hand in this daily battle, squashes the other one in the dust. Jesus wants us to stop worrying. Since it’s hard not to worry, that’s easier said than done. But this Sunday, Jesus gives us hope in our daily battle to trust more and worry less. In fact, he gives us his promise of eliminating worry.