Sermons from November 2023

Saints Triumphant

Any discussion about death is always difficult. Funerals sting. God had that person play an important role in our lives. If we didn’t grieve, then something’s wrong. But this weekend, the Apostle Paul says: “There is something different about our grieving as Christians.” What is different? Join us and find out what the difference-maker in the grieving process is.

Face to Face

Have you ever met someone famous in person? It’s completely different when you’re up close and personal, rather than seeing them on the TV. We might imagine what it’s going to be like to meet God on Judgment Day, but we can’t wrap our minds around that one. That’s why God draws a picture of himself in this Sunday’s Old Testament lesson from Daniel. Join us as we find out what God wants us to know and what Daniel saw.…

Keep It Simple

In a world that is getting more complex and complicated, it’s refreshing to enjoy some of the simpler things in life for a change. A relaxing time to yourself. A good book and a cup of your favorite coffee. Watching a movie in peace and quiet. Listening to some music. “The Good Book!” Yes, the Bible, even with its sometimes challenging teachings and passages can be one of those simpler things in life. Maybe you’ll be as shocked as the…