Sermons from March 2024

Easter is our Feast of Firstfruits

Many in our world deny or are skeptical that Jesus rose from the dead. Which of course is the whole point of Christianity and Easter. The Apostle Paul says Jesus’ resurrection is undeniable and indisputable because of all the eyewitnesses! But then he takes it a step farther and says Jesus is the “firstfruits” of those who have fallen asleep. Join us at St. Paul’s on Easter Sunday and find out what Paul’s “firstfruits” comment means, and why that news…

The People of Palm Sunday

What kind of king conquers his enemies by surrendering to them? What kind of king crushes his opponents by being crushed? This is the kind of King we have marching into battle for us, as one of us. This King is our only hope.

Life and Death

Spring isn’t too far away. Many people are planning their gardens and flower beds. Jesus, the Creator of all, knows a thing or two about plants and growing things. In this weekend’s Gospel, he tells us that a single kernel of wheat has to be planted (die), before it can produce a plant (life), with many kernels of wheat. Join us to find out what that kernel of wheat comparison has to do with Jesus


3:16 … You see 3:16 on the eye-black athletes put under their eyes to keep the sun out of their eyes. You see 3:16 between the uprights of an end zone shot of a football game. You see 3:16 on the white T-shirt of the rainbow warrior at athletic events. What is 3:16? What does it mean? What is the message? We’ll explain at St. Paul’s this Sunday.