Sermons from April 2024

Easter Continues

The Easter decorations have been taken down.  The Easter candy bowl is empty.  But that doesn’t mean that the impact of the Easter message has been left behind.  “Easter Makes a Difference” is the theme for this weekend’s worship at St. Paul’s.  Join us and find out how Easter continues to make an impact on your life every day, not just the day the Christian church celebrates our Lord’s resurrection.

The Lamb is the Shepherd

The Bible is full of pictures that help us better understand God’s love for us. On Good Friday we saw Jesus, the Lamb of God, taking away the sins of the world through his sacrifice on the cross. This week, we see Jesus, the Good Shepherd, caring for and protecting his flock of believers. Leave it up to the book of Revelation, that spectacular vision God gave the Apostle John, to combine both pictures of Jesus, as a Lamb and…


Our celebration of the first Easter Sunday, the most important day in the history of this planet, was two weeks ago. But our celebration of Jesus’ Easter victory over sin, death and Satan continues this Sunday. It will for the next 50 weeks on the calendar. The early Christians wanted that Easter joy to continue, even after their day of celebration passed. They decided to change the day they worshiped so they’ll never forget, “Sunday, the first day of the…

Easter 2

Our Easter Victory Celebration continues – every day, every week, every second, every year. That’s because the impact of Easter affects every aspect of our life – and beyond. This morning we again contemplate the empty tomb and its fulfilling impact on our lives.