As For Me and My House…

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl ended the NFL season until training camps open in August.  Spring Training in Arizona and Florida for Major League Baseball teams begins next week.  Are you a die-hard Brewer fan or just a fair-weather fan?  Fair-weather fans don’t always support their team and that drives die-hard fans crazy, who support their team even through tough times.

According to this weekend’s lesson from Joshua 24, there’s such a thing as a fair-weather fan when it comes to religion.  For the most part the Israelites were fair-weather fans of God, while Joshua, their leader, he was a die-hard supporter of the Lord.

Find out why you’ll want to imitate Joshua and be a die-hard supporter of the Lord.  In fact, you may even want to take his words: “As for me and my home we will serve the LORD,” and make them your words.

Sermon Text: Joshua 24:14-24 


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