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Jesus Christ rose from the dead. That’s the message of Easter! But because of COVID-19 this Easter, pastors aren’t preaching this news from Easter pulpits. People aren’t listening to this news in Easter pews. Choirs aren’t singing this news from Easter choir lofts. Organists and musicians aren’t playing this news from Easter balconies. Does that mean Easter is canceled?
No! Easter ISN’T canceled because Jesus’ tomb IS still empty. There is no problem so big and no worry so troubling that the power of Jesus’ empty tomb can’t take care of it – even death has met its match. “We Are the Champions” through Jesus’ victory.

Sermon Text: 1 Corinthians 15:54-57


I Am

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  1. Kim Eisenberg

    Happy Easter! What a beautiful service! Thank you to all who put this together. Thank you also for the instructIon on how to access the service on the website. God bless you all!

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