I am Jesus’ Little Lamb

I am Jesus’ Little Lamb

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The shepherd and his care for his sheep is one of the most beautiful and comforting images in the entire Bible. It pictures Jesus, the Good Shepherd, taking care of us, his lambs and sheep. Psalm 23, the Good Shepherd Psalm, is a favorite for many, many Christians. This is pretty amazing, considering that most of us aren’t familiar with raising and looking after sheep. Why is it that we love this Psalm? Why do we love to sing: “I am Jesus’ little lamb,” even when we aren’t little anymore?

Join us on Sunday as we find out why the “Good Shepherd – Sheep” relationship is such a precious, prominent, and permanent one for the Christian.

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  1. Judy Kartes

    You have the bulletin for April 11th, not today’s bulletin (April 18th). Would be nice to have the paper copy so I could follow the unfamiliar melodies of a couple off the songs.

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        Thank you. The link has been fixed. Bulletins are also available under the Updates tab.

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