I Wonder – God’s Son, Human? – Christmas in July

I Wonder – God’s Son, Human? – Christmas in July

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“Christmas in July” sounds like a sale at our favorite store.  This weekend “Christmas in July” describes our worship as we continue our summer series – I Wonder About God.  How can Jesus, God’s Son, be human?  It may not be December 25, but Christmas and Luke 2 is the answer to our question.

Sermon Text: Luke 2

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  1. Judy Kartes

    Great sermon Pastor Gaertner. Of late I have been thinking a lot about how Jesus became true man by being conceived, growing in his mother to develop as a baby, being born, living as a child, then an adult, just like us. The main difference is that this man did all of this as a perfect human for us so we could go to heaven. Thank you for your message.

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