I Wonder – Jesus is my Savior?

I Wonder – Jesus is my Savior?

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A cross is an instrument of execution. A grave is where death claims another victim. And yet, this weekend in worship, we are going to find out how these can actually be places of VICTORY. This weekend we are going to Visualize Jesus’ Victories in both of those places.

Sermon Text: Matthew 27 & 28


  1. Judy Kartes

    Saw the service. Very nice. Problem for today: when I tried to print the bulletin it wasn’t there. The sermon was there in it’s place. Since you said most of the responses this wasn’t a problem until the responsive prayer. There I could only make out part of the response because it was hard to hear the congregation.

    I never heard the hymn “The Lamb” before. where is it from? Nice hymn.

    On another topic: I have been pondering the life of Jesus recently, especially his younger life. Since Jesus went through everything we did, his life as a child had to have been very interesting. He was different. Being among other children and being perfect he must have endured being mocked by the children, bullied, ganged up on, ridiculed, isolated by the other children, etc. Maybe this could be brought out more to the children in school and Sunday school to get them to realize that Jesus went through everything they are now going through. Teens should be taught this too. We really only focus on the grown Jesus so the children have something to look up to but forget to say that he was also a child like they are, whatever their age. He can relate to what they are going through.

    Also on the topic of disabled and elderly people being forgotten about in the church, something that would brighten these people’s days would be having someone drop off a bouquet of flowers, either from their garden or store bought, some excess garden produce (tomatoes, zuchinni, carrots, beans, fruit, or something they made with these items. Doesn’t have to be a lot, just a piece or two. Often a whole cantaloupe, melon, pie or cake/bread is too much for one person to eat before it goes bad, so little bits are nice and show someone is thinking of you. Just some suggestions.

      • webmaster

        Thank you for your feedback. I’ll make sure to pass this message along to pastor.

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