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Four-year-old Joe was well-behaved except for one quirk – he didn’t like wearing shoes, ever. Joe’s parents repeatedly told him he had to keep them on when he was at church for his first VBS. Would he, could he resist the temptation to take his shoes off during VBS, especially when the art project was making a plaster cast foot print of each child?

This week’s Christian quality is “Self-Control” in our New Year’s Series. We’re going to talk about another Joe who resisted a temptation much greater than taking his shoes off. This Joe, goes by his full name – Joseph, and came from a dysfunctional family of 12 sons. It was soap opera of sibling rivalries and jealousies, with the father letting every son know who his favorite was by giving him a special coat of many colors. Join us at St. Paul’s this Sunday and find out how things turned out for Joseph and little Joe.

Sermon Text: Genesis 39:1-23



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