“Temptation” isn’t a word used much anymore in America.  That’s does make sense. If there’s no right or wrong and if there’s no such thing as sin, then you can’t be tempted to do wrong and sin.  So, as a result, “temptation” disappears from vocabularies.

“Temptation” hasn’t disappeared from our vocabulary as Lutheran Christians, because it hasn’t disappeared from God’s vocabulary.  We’re painfully aware of sin. It explodes often in our lives every day. We’re also aware of the wages of our sin – separation from God forever.  That’s why we should be very interested in fighting temptation.

This weekend’s lesson on the Temptation of Jesus then becomes both valuable and practical.  Join us this weekend as we study Jesus’ own experience and his own words to find a simple 2-step approach in how to treat temptation!

In addition, find out how you can put 52 Bible bullets in your chamber to use against temptation!

Mark 1:12-15


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