The Credit Goes to God

Judges 7:1-8

We love an underdog. People call it David vs. Goliath. We could also call it Gideon vs. Midian. Gideon and his 300 were certainly a huge underdog against the army of Midian. But there’s a big difference between the typical underdog story and the Bible’s account of David vs. Goliath, or Gideon vs. Midian.
The typical underdog story goes something like this: No matter how small you are, if your heart is big enough and you give it all you’ve got, you’ll come out on top.
That IS NOT the lesson the Lord taught David or Gideon. And, that IS NOT what he wants to teach us either. He actually teaches the opposite. The credit doesn’t go to the biggest heart or the hardest worker. The Credit Goes to God. If that’s what the Lord taught Gideon, then that’s what he wants to teach us.


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