We Fear God

Exodus 19

Have you ever met God? Have you had a chance to sit down and talk to him face-to-face? Has the Almighty ever appeared to you in all his glory and splendor?
In this weekend’s lesson, the Children of Israel meet God at Mt. Sinai, and God comes to them, and boy does he ever come. He comes in an unmistakable demonstration of power never before witnessed by any human. Moses does his best to describe the sights and sounds along with the people’s breath-taking reaction. We’ve picked one of Moses’ words out as our worship focus: “Fear!” When I think of fearing God, I think of how I feared my father. I wasn’t afraid of him. He was my dad. But I respected him so much that the last thing I ever wanted to do was disappoint him. Hearing him say that he was disappointed with me was more painful than any grounding or spanking.
The fear of God impacts our life. Our admiration for his power and love strongly influences us to follow him and obey his Word as a Christian. We’d never want to disappoint our Father.


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