What to Expect

What to Expect

We love to see new faces, like yours! What should you expect if you drop in and visit a worship service?

Walking In

  • Our greeters and ushers will welcome you and provide you a worship folder.
  • The worship folder will guide you through the day’s worship service and includes the songs, readings, and prayers. It also includes upcoming events and information. We also project readings and songs up on our projectors.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please let an usher know. We are happy to help!

The Service

  • Using the rich, historical liturgy – filled with symbolism & meaning –  we come before our Lord in a style that is also relevant and personal for God’s people living in the 21st Century. Questions about what goes on during the service or why we worship the way we do, just ask us!
  • Our worship services typically last an hour.
  • Expect to hear some law because…well let’s face it: we’re sinners. But also expect to leave overwhelmed by the amazing Gospel message that Jesus has saved you from your sins and life – a revitalized & renewed life on earth as well as eternal life in heaven – is yours.
  • We collect an offering, but you are a guest – please don’t feel obligated to give. Offerings are one of the
    ways for our members to reflect their thanks to God for his amazing love in their lives and to support the mission of our church.
  • If you are willing, we’d ask that you sign the friendship register located at the end of the pew.

Bring the Kids

  • We enjoy the “worshipping family” at St. Paul’s. Children who act up are not viewed as a bother to worship. In fact, they’re welcome here! Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”
  • We offer a new children’s bulleting each week for little ones. You’ll find them on the entryway wooden racks – or just ask an usher.
  • Typically twice a month pastor will have the children come forward during the service for a special message just for them (although we adults usually are reminded of an important message from God’s Word at this time as well).
  • If you feel the need, the Little Lamb’s Lounge is located on the church’s lower level. These special rooms are for moms and dads with little ones. They are attached to the restrooms on the lower level. Changing tables are available in each of these rooms.


  • We have a restroom on the main floor for those with limited mobility. Restrooms may also be found at the bottom of the stairs located at either end of the front entry.
  • Audio headsets are available for those with hearing difficulties. Please ask an usher for assistance.