Past Events

Past Events

Jan 20, 2019

WISCO A Cappella Choir

The A Cappella Choir of Wisconsin Lutheran High School will be leading our worship on Sunday, January 20th. We look forward to hearing these young Christians sing the praises of the Lord and bring God’s love to us in song.
Dec 23, 2018

Advent – He Comes Bringing Gifts

Curly head dolls that toddle and coo. Elephants, boats, and kiddie cars too. Santa Claus is comin’ to town. You’ll hear those lyrics often during the holiday season—a song about a man who’s coming to bring all sorts of gifts. But, are they really gifts? The definition of a gift is “something given voluntarily without payment or condition.” The man in red has conditions. You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. He knows if you’ve…
Dec 13, 2018

Family Gym Night

Do your kids have a bit of extra energy? Want to get to know a few Christian parents? Come join us at the school gym for a family night. While everyone is welcome, we especially want this to be a time that our toddlers and preschoolers can get some energy out, meet new friends, and have fun – while moms and dads get to know each other better, too. If you have any questions, please email for more information.
Dec 12, 2018

Holiday Feast and Christmas Concert

Join us for a delicious meal with all the trimmings and then join us for a Christmas Concert presented by St. Paul’s Jr. and Sr. Choirs.
Nov 11, 2018

125th Anniversary Banquet

We are truly blessed to be celebrating 125 years of  God’s grace as St. Paul’s congregation. We rejoice at the opportunity the Lord has given us over the years to serve and share the Good News here in our community. Our celebration on the 11th will start with worship and a message from God’s Word shared by guest preacher Synod President Mark Schroeder. As part of our 125th Anniversary celebrations, we’ll be reflecting upon God’s awesome grace is by joining together…
Oct 21, 2018

Baptism Bible Study

Not only does God receive us as his own dear child when we’re baptized, but he continues to assure believers every day that they’ve been clothed with Christ in their baptism. That means that whenever we are sorry for our sins and ask the heavenly Father to forgive us (that’s repentance), we are returning to our Baptism and making use of it. We are resting our confidence in the Sacrament of our Baptism, which neither Satan nor sin can tear…