Six Geese A-laying

The lyrics for the 6th day of Christmas take us back to the very first story found in the Bible.  Each egg is a day in creation’s weekthe time when the world was “hatched,” or formed by God.  The 6 days of creation are the first demonstration in the history of the world of God giving his people all the good gifts which they need.  Just ponder the 6 days of creation below and wonder in awe at all the good gifts which God has put into your life and continues to pour into your life: 

Day 1: Light – Where would we be without light? 

Day 2: Atmosphere / Firmament / The Sky – Do we stop to ponder the amazing miracle and beauty of earth’s sky and atmosphere during the day and at night? 

Day 3: Dry Ground and Plants – When was the last time you stopped to truly marvel at all the plants God has given us and how some beautify our world, while others are delicious? 

Day 4: Sun, Moon and Stars – How easily we take it for granted that the sun will rise each morning and that our solar system goes on to mark days and weeks and seasons! 

Day 5: Birds and Fish – Have you ever tried to think of all the birds and fish in creation and how they add to our enjoyment of our world? 

Day 6: Land Animals and Humans – How easily we take for granted the gift of life and our fellow human beings! 

Not only did God give all these gifts to his people for their enjoyment, he also tells us several other things about these gifts.  Over and over in the creation account in Genesis 1 we are told “And God saw that it was good.”  This is really saying that God’s creation was perfect in every way.  In Genesis 1:28 we are given God’s instructions to every human being: “fill the earth and subdue it.”  This is just part of the way in which God told human beings, as the crown or most important part of his creation, that the creation was put there for their use and enjoyment. This is a great reminder – we don’t need to feel guilty when using and enjoying God’s gifts in creation!  

As has been mentioned in previous devotions, this perfect gift was ruined by the receiver of the gift and yet God worked to restore it for their good.  This is also a good place to give a simple reminder of the obligation and the privilege we have to handle and use the gift of creation in responsible ways Like so many other gifts which our Heavenly Father gives us, it is so temptingly easy to misuse and waste the gifts which we have been given. 

Prayer:  Heavenly Father – in the midst of the earthly gifts given this Christmas, remind me to stop and ponder the amazing gifts which you have given me in the creation of the world.  Let me never lose sight of how richly you have blessed me and help me to treasure and rejoice in the gift of your creation.  Amen. 


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