Sermons from September 2022

How Long is Eternity?

Sermon Text: Psalm 112 How long is forever? That’s a question asked by both children and adults. Danny is waiting for his mom’s blueberry pie to bake and it’s “taking forever.” That may seem like it, but that’s not even close. This Sunday, the Bible Story of the Rich Man and Lazarus has us contemplate the final destination of every person: Heaven or Hell. Both will last forever. Join us and find out more from Pastor Heath Butler, who brings…

Jesus: Friend of Sinners

Sermon Text: Hosea 1 & 3 In the Bible, God asked people like “General” Joshua and “Judge” Gideon to do some rather … strange things. Leading military campaigns by walking around a city or using torches and trumpets as weapons may seem strange from our “obstructed” view of things. From God’s seat though, it’s clear as day. Even when we let God explain the lessons he’s teaching, there are still things that can puzzle us, even after reading them. One…


Sermon Text: Psalm 127 Family! The topic of “Family” brings with it all kinds of interesting comments. They are a target for jokes. They are a collection of goofballs. They are irreplaceable. Are they in-laws, or out-laws? We can’t imagine life without them. “Family” is all of the above, and more. This Sunday’s worship theme as we celebrate Christian Education is simply “Family!” We’ll talk about how “Family” can mean three different things. Each is a blessing from God.

Once Useless, Now Useful

Sermon Text: Philemon 1-25 This weekend, the case of Philemon vs. Onesimus is on the court docket at St. Paul’s. This isn’t a reality court show. It is real and it has been recorded in Scripture by God himself. The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to Philemon in an effort to help him work through his issues and help Christians today. Find out more about this case and how it impacts you personally.