Sermons on Psalms

Good Shepherd Sunday

Click save above to download a pdf of this sermon. For a copy of the worship service bulletin, click here. You can also watch on our Facebook page. One of the most comforting and heart-warming pictures in all of Scripture is that of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. That’s quite amazing since none of us are familiar with the occupation of tending sheep. And yet, we love the Twenty-third Psalm. We love to sing “I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb” even…

A Blessed Nation

Psalm 33 The Word of God on Independence Weekend focuses on the nation we proudly call “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” The psalmist tells us that a nation where the LORD is God is blessed. Let’s see if we can determine whether we are “A Blessed Nation?” The psalmist offers 2 choices: A) With God there are abundant blessings. B) Without God there’s an absence of blessings.